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Downtoraw Services

Custom Design

Looking for something unique? Collaborate with our skilled industrial designers to design a bespoke products mold and personalize your brand. We’ll assist you throughout the entire process, from creating the concept and prototypes to manufacturing and delivery.

Custom Samples

We provide an impeccable sampling experience by presenting production samples for your approval. We ensure that every aspect aligns with your requirements and caters to your specific needs. Our rigorous quality control guarantees excellence at every stage of production, whether it’s prior to, during, or after. You’re always informed about the progress of your order, emphasizing the paramount importance of quality control in our services.

Huge Selection

Discover sustainable houseware solutions with our extensive range of innovative products. From bamboo and sugarcane-based raw materials to finished products and large containers, we offer more than what’s on our website. Your one-stop shop for all your houseware needs – just share your requirements!

Door-To-Door Delivery

we provide a seamless and convenient “Door-to-Door” service experience. Our team is dedicated to delivering your products right to your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient process. We prioritize your convenience and satisfaction, making your entire journey with us as smooth as possible. 

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