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About Downtoraw

We are Downtoraw (Hong Kong) Limited based in Hong Kong, we manufacturing products in Zhejiang China which are the original place for growing bamboo and sugarcane. 

Your Eco-Friendly Solutions Partner.

Downtoraw as a leading manufacturer and trading company, we specialize in crafting customizable eco-friendly to-go products. It’s time to shift to sustainable materials.  While  polypropylene is  generally  safe, minimizing  plastic usage is advised due to its link to certain cancers.


“I had many roles in my career lifetime—I was a Merchandiser, a Sales Manager, a QC, and a Marketing Manager. Now, I am the company owner. I believe that doing business is like a face-to-face conversation; always use your sincerity as the foundation of everything, Just like the products I offer to my clients, product quality is always the baseline in every deal.”

                                                                                             Ms. Lee

Our Vision

Goes Far Beyond Business

We are champions of the Earth's ecological balance

Our actions are fueled by a desire to reduce our collective footprint and pave the way for a more sustainable, harmonious world. With every step we take, we strive to protect the precious ecosystems that support life on our planet.

Our Downtoraw

Downtoraw welcomes those who share our vision, our values, and our unyielding commitment to a better, more sustainable world. Join us today, and together, let’s create a future where our actions speak louder than words.

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